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What is Purposeful Travel?

Purposeful travel, also known as sustainable travel, is about creating better places to live in and visit. It is centered on experiences that benefit both the traveler and the destination, and it prioritizes progress for the benefit of local communities.

If we are privileged enough to be able to travel,

we must take responsibility for our impact on the places we visit.

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There are three pillars that make up sustainable travel:

Young Businesswomen


Support of local small businesses builds financial stability and enhances personal wealth, thereby leading to further economic growth potential.

This includes local and national economic and social development, job creation, and improved working conditions.

Small Street in Japan


Minimizing the negative impacts of tourism and focusing on positive ones, such as promoting cultural exchange and preserving local traditions.

This includes preserving monuments, cultural heritage, ethnic groups, living cultures, local cultures, and Indigenous groups.

Foggy Forest


Aiming to reduce our impact on the flora, fauna, and environment around us by reducing our carbon footprint, as much as possible, leaving no trace when we visit destinations, and offsetting our carbon.

This includes preserving both our environment and natural resources.

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